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I've been so excited to try this; the Sothys DETOX ENERGIE™ Range has been in NZ for some time, so what's all the fuss about?

Sothys DETOX ENERGIE™ range is designed to combat environmental pollutants by resetting and refreshing the skin.

There's a complete 'suite' of skincare, deigned to work together; the Depolluting Youth Cream, an Energising Serum, take-home Energising Radiance Ampoules and an awesome bespoke facial in the Intensive Facial Treatments - a DETOX ENERGIE™ Facial Treatment. 

The idea is for it to be a genuine ally against daily aggressions to the skin - heat and cold, pollution, stress, early mornings and late nights, sunlight, fluorescent light - you name it, it all takes its toll on our skin. 

So what is it actually like?

As a forty-something (cough, cough), I found my skin gets a little dull late autumn into winter and sometimes through winter too. I decided to give the  daytime serum and cream a go. I'm yet to try the facial and ampoules. 

Tested over a 3 month period through Winter 2020, I am super impressed! My skin's texture was pretty good, but nothing like what it became come spring! It's like the underneath bounce has come back into my skin's deeper layers, my make up goes on and stays on so much easier and I swear my freckles have faded.

The detoxing and revitalising action definitely brought back my skin's natural glow - and I've been using good skincare, like Sothys, for years now!  

The Youth Cream is for daily use; a fresh texture and smell, it's a daily rebalancing cream to use after morning cleansing. Its use will reveal your skin's radiance, particularly in uneven, dull and stressed skin.

The Serum is a 'powerful detoxifying and energizing cocktail' and is to be used under the Youth Cream in the morning. It's a gentle and light-textured serum, an  ideal 'boost' to this morning skincare ritual. It will enhance and amplify the effects of Youth Cream, helping your skin to look younger, quicker. I kid you not!  

If you want a preview, start off by treating yourself to a DETOX ENERGIE ™ Facial Treatment. This treats your skin to a burst of energy; key ingredients are Organic Elderberry extract, Siberian Ginseng root extract and a detoxifying bio-mimetic peptide. Leaves skin detoxified, anti-polluted and super-energised! Just the thing for devitalised, dull, tired or congested skin.

There's a super affordable follow up to that investment - the Energising Radiance Ampoules come in 2 x 1 ml ampoules. The take-home ampoule treatments are an aspect of Sothys I really love - who doesn't enjoy a pamper weekend at home by yourself or with a friend?

An instant lifting serum, it immediately reduces the appearance of wrinkles and smoothes the skin. Instant radiance! Use as a once a month treatment, or even as skin booster before (or after) a big night out!

Ask Cheri and her team first if this range is right for your skin type and concerns. It's a good idea to change out your morning and night product routine from time to time to mix things up and keep the effects fresh.

Personally, I think the whole idea of the Sothys DETOX ENERGIE™ range is that it's just like going to a detox spa - but for your face! Enjoy!

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