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DERMOBOOST any skin concerns!


When you really want to address the start of visible skin concerns, give these Sothys DERMOBOOSTER beauties a try!

Thanks to Sothys, we can now do something about it when any start showing up at around, ahem, post 45 - which is 'about' where I sit. 

These Dermoboosters go under your daily moisturiser and act as a 'boost' to your AM and PM serums. They're all about achieving a result and, boy, do they ever!

There are 4 options in the Dermoboosters range; Retinol (Vitamin A), Ultra C, Glysalac and Lactic Dermoboosters and they form part of the Sothys Red Line 'Cosmeceutique' targeted actions range. 

That word - cosmeticeutique - is the giveaway to how good these products are, given how close cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical are becoming now. 

Let's break them down...

Retinol: helps regenerate skin, enhance radiance, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and open pores. Great for any skin type, including prematurely aged, sun-damaged skin, enlarged pores and “adult acne”. A creamy active serum, it includes Vitamin E and Shea Oil and is fragrance free.

Ultra C: is a high-performance vitamin C, illuminating the complexion, increasing collagen production, leaves skin radiant and younger looking. It's for all skin types - particularly dehydrated and hyper-pigmented skin with dark spots. A fragrance-free emulsion, it is made of Vitamin E, 3% stabilised Vitamin C plus a Sothys moisturising complex.

Glysalac: has hydroxyl acids to unclog comedogenic skins, refine pores and improve skin texture. For all skin types, especially clogged skin, "juvenile acne", prematurely ageing and keratinised skin. A gel, it's active ingredients include 1% Salicylic and 10% Glycolic acids. 

Lactic: has been formulated to refine the skin texture using micro-exfoliation actives to smooth fine lines and even out the skin’s appearance. Works best for mature, dull and dehydrated skins lacking elasticity. Another gel, it includes 10% Lactic acid, Bromelain and Niacinamide.

NOTE: use ONLY in the evenings, mix 1 pump with your usual Sothys cream and use high protection sunscreen daily. Do not use on sensitive or reactive skin.

Here's the low-down! I've tried most of the serums available by Sothys and was keen to give something different a try. 

Given my age (45+) and my skin type (pretty good; increased pore size, oily T Zone in summer, slight lines in between eyes, around eyes, corners of mouth), I was interested in the Ultra C and Retinol DERMOBOOSTERS

Designed to be used one at a time, and based on your Sothys consultant's recommendation, I started with the Ultra C in June, July & August, then the Retinol October, November & December 2020. I made sure I had a separate, high quality broad spectrum sunscreen to use every day under makeup, as any SPF in makeup is negligible.

The Ultra C was really impressive! It has certainly helped with collagen production, as my skin is definitely firmer and bouncier than it was. I have slight freckles and the odd darker freckle, yet these seem to have faded right out. It's the texture of my skin that feels different though, better. It has a great feel to the product.

The Retinol took a bit longer to yield a result but I agree it helps reduce pore size! The lines around my mouth and in between my eyes have lessened I would say by 70%, compared to when I started using it in October (I took photos!) Definitely different results to the Ultra C, however my skin LOOKS rejuvenated.

The DERMOBOOSTERS get a very big thumbs up from me, and I can't wait to try the last two to see what their effects are.

Make sure you consult Cheri first, as to what will suit your skin type and concerns.

Believe me, this is a very cost effective investment to make sure your skin achieves it's prime condition!  

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